Mlp base 8 by raini bases-d835po9

Ignore that she doesn't have claws in this, they were hard to make so I gave up.

Sapphire Tune is the daughter of Spike and Rarity and their oldest daughter. She is the older sister to Opal Rarity and Spike's youngest daughter.


Sapphire is a light purple unicorn/dragon hybrid. She has a purple mane with a long dragon like tail with green at the end. She has green eyes and two prominant fangs hanging from her lips. She does have claws on her two front legs.


Sapphire is like her mom always in the line of fashion. She hates getting dirty and ruining her mane and having to get cleaned up. She is a gentle heart to be around though and enjoys being with foals. She is very light hearted and fashionable and will always come up with a new fasion line of gems.


  • The base of her main pic is made by Raini-Bases on dA
  • She and her little sister butt heads sometimes and disagree
  • She loves helping her mom come up with new fashion lines


Her special talent has to do with finding the perfect gems and being able to make music out of them.